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District Collector inaugurates Seva Bharathi’s Orphanage in Tamilnadu
20/09/2011 14:01:16  

District Collector T.Munusamy inaugurated Guruji Anbu Illam of Seva Bharathi for orphaned children on 15-9-2011 at Nagapatinam.

Nagapattinam, was the worst affected area when Tsunami hit the coastal areas of Tamilnadu on Dec., 2004. Sevabharathi Tamilnadu which took up the rehabilitation work for the affected persons has built 863 houses (588 in Keechankuppam village, 125 in Panagakudi village, 62 in Mutlam village and 88 in Melamuvakkarai village) with the assistance funded by Gujarat, Chattisgarh and Madhya Pradesh Governments. It also undertook the rehabilitation work of temples at Mariamman koil gopuram, (Akkarapettai village), Agni Kaliamman Temple, (puttur), Ratna Bhuvaneswari Amman Temple, (Poompuhar), Petraha Temple at Kizhaaagaligur, Korakka Siddhar Aalayam Dhyana Mandapam etc. 

Sri T Munusamy, District Collector appreciated the good deeds and service rendered by Sevabharathi. .  Gujarat Government has funded to the tune of 1.10 crore.  The home would provide shelter for children orphaned by the tsunami and also the orphaned children found in villages of the district.  Guruji Anbu Illam now has 28 orphaned female children.

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24/09/2011 23:40:29
we are not beggers like others
mr. true indian, i know who u r , the papal stooge, we hindus are not beggers like other people like u, we have families to look after,we do not need any alms from christian or muslim countries, we look after only persons who lost their kith and kin, come to my place at guntakal, ap, we are running an orphanage for last 40 years, but thank god we have no mother or father therisa to brag about it, mind it
Arun Kumar S
22/09/2011 20:53:55
To True( Fake) Indian
Mr: True Indian,
Nice name you selected as Madam Sonia(orginal name :Antonia) Gandhi is also chanting the same every minute.
Christians building Orphanages for converting people,,Hindus building orphanages for creating Patriotics.You inform Christian missionary to stop advertisng their orphanages(publicly) and commercialisation of education.Indian culture is the top of every other culture.I think your Subject line So CHeap is better matching with Christian Missionaries
22/09/2011 06:22:30
Reply to true Indian
The difference is hindus dont try to convert others....but others do missionery work to convert people....
21/09/2011 21:00:37
true iindian's comment
Persons like true indians are always critics and do nothing.You may think otherwise"Annarakkannanum thannalayathu".don't insult anybody
True Indian
20/09/2011 22:58:51
So Cheap
The Hindus are once again exhibiting their meanness. One orphanage is nothing compared to hundreds of orphanages started daily all over the world by Christians and Muslims. All the Hindu orphanages are not even a comparison for tens of thousands of Orphanages belonging to other communities. No other community but Hindus will celebrate such silly things. Built 863 houses!! What a great achievement!! ROFL. Go to tribal villages in Chattisgarh and Madhya Pradesh and see millions of Hindus who don't have a good house to live. Give them food first. Then celebrate it.

“The intolerance of narrow monotheism is written in letters of blood across the history of man from the time when first the tribes of Israel burst into the land of Canaan. The worshippers of the one Jealous God are egged on to aggressive wars against people of alien cults. They invoke Divine Sanction for the cruelties inflicted on the conquered. The spirit of old Israel is inherited by Christianity and Islam. Wars of Religion which are the outcome of fanaticism that prompts and justifies the extermination of aliens of different creeds are practically unknown in Hindu India.




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