"I am trying to convert Hindus back to Hindu religion and that will stop Hindus getting converted to other religions." -- Swami Chinmayananda
Muslim League - NDF Terrorist Nexus , Kerala CM walk out from Interview
13/09/2011 04:21:34  

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17/09/2011 11:53:42
Venu Excels
Great Mr.Venu; you have cornered him tight!He had to bow down infront of your incessant attack; he was crumbled and subdued and was raking his feeble brains to find some frivolous answers to escape from the scene.
O.N.Thankappan Menon
15/09/2011 07:28:04
C.M. WALK OUT from Interview.
Some media workers think themselves that they are the most intelligent and able persons to deal with politicians and they act accordingly to become super heroes in front of camera. In some chanels in kerala when they interview the most respected personalities of various politicial parties their face expressions clearly shows how arrogant they are. In this group one or two women media heroines are also there.
15/09/2011 05:59:48
He is Unnown Chief Minister or Remote Chief Minister of Muslim Leagu
Mr.Umman Chandi Canot Answer these questions Independently, he Has to consult with Madam sonia or Mr.kunjali kutty

sorry Mr vanu
14/09/2011 09:11:28
Intervirew with Sri Ummen Chandi
Sri Ummen Chandi is not capable as chief minister. He is protecting NDF -League allies and UDF and Sri Eahammed only blocked the CBI enquireis into MARAD Case. UDF is protecting the NDF and back money holders. Shame for all malayalees..

Mr Venu has done a good job..
14/09/2011 06:54:23
Mouna Vibhushan Umman Chandi
If an award is to be instituted by the Govt. of India for the most vocal politician for remaining silent (yet disturbed) even to the most annoying questions, I think Umman Chandi will be a sure winner. The saying "Mounam Vidvanu Bhushanam" is being aptly demonstrated by Umman Chandi in this interview. He has shown how silence as a tool can effectively silence even the most aggressive interviewer.
raj nair
14/09/2011 03:37:21
ooomen chandi
Ummen chandi became ooomen chundi. His posture infront of the camara when truth was directed towards him was that of the common malayalee saying "Pottan, biscuit kandathupoley".
13/09/2011 10:38:16
close encounter-venu/chandi
Umman chandi's agitataed mental state finally overcame his tolernece even in a debate which supposedly incriminated his close ally Kunjalikutyy and the muslim league!,which demonstrated their close association??!!
13/09/2011 06:46:08
C.M.beaten in this close encounter???



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