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Speech of Shri. Vellappally Nadesan on Hindu Unity in Kerala (Video)

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31/10/2011 01:37:52
vellappally hindu unity
vellapplly is a fraud.He doesn"t want any hindu unity.his utterance should not taken face value.his motive is infilterate into hindu votes and split it and use this for own purpose t fast s loan no faxing required
Sumesh T R
23/05/2011 21:05:32
Communal Polarization
These two community NSS/SNDP made among us an utter most communal Polarization.All these leaders have not any knowledge about Hindutva and Hindu Dharma..They only wants to rise their community,not Hindu....So the evils will take this as "SATAN" for them to challenge Hindus using Hindu Blood....Think all Think .....Dear Publisher Plzzzzzzzz my request is do not include any communal leader's Speach,who doesn't have any credibilty and have not even keep their words, who lead our great Place,to these evil's hands t fast s loan no faxing required
03/04/2011 18:21:33
spreading the news
We have added the link in our association blog. t fast s loan no faxing required
Muraly c menon
14/03/2011 18:58:29
Our Responsibility
I think it is the responsibility of each one of us to circulate Vellappilly's speach among Hindus.I have copied it down in a pen drive and is doing so.If the file was in another format(vcd cutter does not accept this format) we could have cut it and uploaded in our blog.Only videos below 15 mb can be uploaded in blog.This is 45.8 mb t fast s loan no faxing required
20/08/2010 23:36:32
There is no relation between what Mr. Nateshan speaks and what he really does. There is no essence in his talk. He also attended Popular Front meeting and retorted about the need of the "weaker section's" unity. Today, we have come to know what is Popular Front, and we do not know what Natesan has to say about PF now. So do not give any weight to the utterance of this oportunist. t fast s loan no faxing required
14/10/2009 12:22:44
Popular Front
Vellapally attend the POPULAR FRONT's Public program also t fast s loan no faxing required
15/07/2009 09:04:44
hindu unity in kerala
dear sanal,in my opinion ,connecting electoral politics with the grand idea of hindu unity will ultimately harm the hindus.99 percentage of people who dreams hindu unity and hindutva including me are BJP supporters.but it is not SNDP or NSS responsibility to make the BJP stronger and is BJP s responsibility and they have to do that. they have to make plan for release the hindu vote from the evil clutches of CPM.with only 21 percentage population and without an own political party christians are controlling UDF PARTLY LDF and full of kerala.they are converting hindus.filling with buildings in all town and villages.but the situation is chenging now partly because of the good works of SNDP and vellappally nadesan.he is doing the same double standard as christian sabhas doing.but it will ultimately benefit yesterdays news paper there is a news about the approval of 9 self financing colleges .in that 8 of them owned by hindu managements.see the slow manorama you can daily see the twisted ugly news about SNDP and vellappally nadesan.also flattering news about NSS,narayana panikker and sukumaran nair.can you imagin why?not because of they hate SNDP and love NSS but they are fear and envy about the growth of SNDP as a hindu organisation.they are praising NSS because they are not doing anything for the community and waisting time money and enterprenership of nairs.lets work for hindu ekta .iam sure it can gain one day or another. jai bharat t fast s loan no faxing required
07/05/2009 09:47:42
Remember the reality
Iam an ezhava, see the video is best, but his over dialogue about the loksabha 2009 election that SNDP will give votes to Congress (now govern by christians), Communist(rationalist) and not give any single vote to BJP. OH! haindava keralam don't be a Useless like nadesan (double gamer) -- Remove the video -- t fast s loan no faxing required
29/04/2009 10:36:10
Please Remove this video...
His aim is only the growth of his family not the community or religion..This traitor has attended the meeting which has been organised by anti national NDF or PoularFront..Please remove the speechs of this type double standard so called leaders... t fast s loan no faxing required
Shaji V.K.
26/04/2009 06:23:36
I hate Mr. Vellappally, he dont have stand in any oppenion

Shaji V.K. t fast s loan no faxing required
18/04/2009 10:16:07
hindu unity
i am a hindu-nair.Sri VELLAPALLY is our leader t fast s loan no faxing required
14/02/2009 04:20:12
sree vellapalli
he is the real cammunity leader nss and sndp come together is the mneed of time t fast s loan no faxing required
07/01/2009 13:14:45
Let us Unite - Forget about other Leaders are not ready to get united

What are we waiting for..We all Hindus have to get united. Please Please vote for BJP. This is only part who take decision for the Nation and not for the commuity. It will not take much time for India to become a "Big Pakistan" if these minority appeasement and Bangaldeshi Inflitration go unabated. t fast s loan no faxing required
Deepak V Nambiar
23/12/2008 09:12:49
Sri Vellapally
His call for Hindu Unity is definitely a daring effort & well commandable...

Hat's off to this Leader & its high time for NSS to support this Legend. t fast s loan no faxing required
07/12/2008 01:01:06
hindu unity
TRAITORS LIKE PANIKKAR IS NOT t fast s loan no faxing required
03/12/2008 07:09:20
sri vellapally
its high time that nss respond to the call made by sndp..vellapally has proved himself to be a pathbreaking leader..let us all hindus unite behind him t fast s loan no faxing required
Raghavan V Nair
21/10/2008 07:24:39
Dear All,

In a state where talking any thing on Hinduism or about Hindu is being propagated as facism or fanatism, Shri.Vellappally Natesan has exhibited the rare acumen as well as courage by giving such a unity call to all sections of Hindus. It may cost a lot to him and leaders of all political parties could launch attacks in many form, which he may have to face. But, it is for the Hindus in Kerala to understand the stand taken by him, and give all out support to project him as the undisputed Hindu Leader in Kerala who could change the hitherto dominated political equations and herald a new beginning. One must not forget the fact that, after the efforts from Mannathu Padmanabhan and R. Shankar for giving shape to a Hindu Maha Mandal, only Mr.Vellappally has dared to come forward with the same slogan.

We must not allow this God given opportunity to slip between the cup and lip, but honestly strive hard to propagate and be a part and parcel of this renaissance in modern context.

Raghavan V Nair t fast s loan no faxing required

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